Introducing The Region’s First Open And Upright MRI®

Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates offers a revolutionary, proven new technology for diagnostic scanning that is far more comfortable and convenient for patients than traditional MRI options. We are the first and only imaging center in the Charlotte region with an open, upright, multi-position MRI that allows us to scan patients sitting, standing, bending, lying down, or in other positions not previously possible with MRI imaging. For some patients, our new Upright MRI® is also more accurate in diagnosing disorders and injuries of the brain and spine.

The Advantages Are Easy To See
With our Upright MRI, the spine can be imaged with a patient in the position in which he or she is experiencing pain. This provides a more accurate representation of what is occurring with the spine, and in some cases may detect problems that could be missed with a standard MRI. The example below shows scans from a patient with lower back problems. A recumbent (standard) MRI taken with the patient lying down shows normal alignment of the vertebrae. An Upright MRI of the same patient revealed a dramatic spinal instability.
Image courtesy of M. Rose, MD; Rose Radiology Centers
Greater Comfort
While traditional MRI technology has proven invaluable in detecting and diagnosing medical disorders, the experience of lying down, enclosed in a metal tube, is uncomfortable for most people, and even terrifying for others. Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates provides the most comfortable MRI experience possible. Not only is there no tube, patients c
an actually sit and watch TV while scanning takes place.
Other important features of our Upright MRI include:
  • No enclosure or barrier in front of the patient’s face
  • Perfect for claustrophobic patients
  • No sedation is necessary
  • Open MRI design accommodates larger patients
  • Patients can watch regular TV programming on
    a 42” flat screen during scanning
Patients watch TV during scanning!

Greater Convenience
Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates offers an attractive alternative to hospital-based imaging services. Our imaging center is located in our Charlotte office, where you’ll find ample parking without having to navigate a large parking deck. Our waiting area is clean and comfortable and is reserved for MRI patients only. Since we only accept scheduled appointments, long waits often associated with imaging centers that also service emergency rooms are avoided. Appointments can usually be scheduled promptly once we receive approval from your insurance provider.

Scheduling An Appointment
Appointments for the Upright MRI at Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates can be made by calling 704-831-4366.